Live a fulfilled and self-determined life through inner clarity and serenity.

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Serenity Coach U. Beste

I help people to deal with stressful and crisis situations calmly, confidently and authentically and to grow personally from these challenges.

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Do you recognize yourself below?

  • Do you want to find out which of your goals and values are really your own and gain access to your inner compass to point you in the direction of a happy, fulfilled life?
  • Do you have a heart’s desire or a life’s dream you would love to come true, but you are not succeeding in taking the next step?
  • Are you facing a new phase in your life (or are you already in the middle of it) and want to deal with this challenge with confidence and composure and perhaps even grow from it?
  • Would you like to increase your resilience in general and cope with everyday life feeling calm and serene, instead of rushed and stressed?

Did you answer one or more of these questions with a resounding “yes”?

If so, serenity coaching could be a huge help to you. I support you personally and committedly with my whole wealth of experience. All it takes is your willingness to also invest some of your time and energy in your personal development. Interested? In a free initial consultation, we will clarify together the three main factors that keep you from making your wishes come true and how I can support you. Or perhaps you prefer to first find out more about my coaching offer.

Life Coaching Goals and Achievements


Transform stress into serenity, increase your resilience and dissolve blockages on your path to a happy life. Allow yourself to lead a self-empowered, fulfilled life. In individual coaching sessions tailored to you, we work together to identify the stress factors and blockages that prevent you from realizing your full potential and pave the way to your true heart’s desire.

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Your free initial consultation

Do you want to be able to tackle certain challenges more calmly, or would you like to improve your quality of life in specific areas? Do you aim to achieve a specific goal or to develop personally to be more self-empowered or gain more freedom? At the same time, you don’t have the time or the interest to attend extensive courses or read countless books? Find out in a free, 20-minute initial consultation how I can best support you personally through individual coaching sessions.

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Do you long for more peace and serenity? Would you like to be able to look back on your day with satisfaction and relax in the evening? Have you recognized burnout prevention as an important topic, or would you simply like to find out what adjustments you can make to significantly reduce your stress level? Then perhaps the free “5 simple stress killers” brochure is a good start for you.

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What my clients are saying

Ms. Beste’s coaching sessions were well structured. At the same time, she was very sensitive to my concerns. We worked mainly with Intention Tapping. At the beginning of the coaching series I felt restless and stressed almost every day. With each session I noticed an improvement. I became calmer and more relaxed in dealing with the issues that were originally very stressful for me.
I would like to thank Ms. Beste for her exceptionally good and helpful support.

Andreas B.Germany

Ursula is the ultimate professional with a compassionate heart. Skillful and insightful, she has released my heart to feel more compassion for myself after the death of our second child. Her skill to follow the threads of old beliefs and trauma and release them ever so gently has given me peace every time I have worked with her.

Irene H. USA

Ursula provided me with a very helpful, safe space to explore some difficult personal issues. She showed great sensitivity, intuition and kindness when using tapping to get to the heart of the problems I brought, and I experienced some very valuable insights which have helped me enormously. Her English is excellent, and she allowed me to find my own solutions without offering me advice, which is always very important to me!


Ursula is a true treasure. With authenticity, insightfulness, and a solid knowledge base she gently guides clients in transforming those sensitive life moments with grace and ease. Her warmth and professionalism made it easy for me to let go of those old limiting beliefs that were holding me back. Thank you, Ursula!

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